Our beginning

Incite Rehab began as an idea that there is a “great divide” between health care providers and therapy service providers. We discovered that health care companies and therapy companies were literally working against each other in their practices. Even typical contracts between these two providers contained wording that provided incentives to each provider — but with separate goals.

So we decided to solve the problem. By hiring the very best therapy managers in the rehab industry and collaborating our efforts, we were able to “bridge the gap” between nursing departments and rehab departments, and the results were incredible. Our residents were able to maximize their Medicare benefits, while receiving the very best care. We believe that these two disciplines should have the same goal—positive resident outcomes. We empower our associates with a shared clinical vision that achieves the highest quality of care for our patients.

Our Culture

Our business culture is people focused and we know that our people are our greatest assets. From the patients that we serve, the provider partners we serve alongside, and the associates we support, we do what we do to improve the lives of other people. We provide an atmosphere where our patients, provider partners and associates will thrive.

We use an interdisciplinary approach that recognizes the needs, seeks the solutions, and organizes our efforts to deliver superior rehab services to your patients.

We look forward to partnering with you in forming a shared vision of facility management and patient care.