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Imagine. A rehab company that shares your vision.


Incite Rehab began as an idea that there is a “great divide” between health care providers and therapy service providers. We discovered that health care companies and therapy companies were literally working against each other in their practices. Even typical contracts between these two providers contained wording that provided incentives to each provider — but with separate goals.


Our Services

Incite Rehab is service oriented. Our staff assists in the development of systems that improve the communication between nursing and rehab staffs. We enhance the delivery of services and create an atmosphere of partnership and cooperation within your facility — essential elements to planning and providing quality care.


“I went to work with Incite because of the freedom that was offered to me. Freedom to make choices and decisions that benefit the patients and me. I was glad to know there are companies out there that value their associates enough to listen to new ideas and trust me to try new things”.

-Rita Pedigo, VP
Clinical Operations, Incite Rehab



If you’re searching for a company that encourages fresh and new ideas, bring your enthusiasm and energy to Incite Rehab where associates enjoy working for a company that is doing rehab right.